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  • Trapped is the trading name of Room Escape UK Ltd, a registered company in England and Wales.

    Mission:Trapped Undercover
    Players:6 – 60
    Duration:30 minutes or 1 hour
    Mission overview:
    Let me start by stressing the importance of your assignment. As some of our most trusted agents in the organisation, only you are suitable for this difficult task.
    I shall keep this short as time is of the essence – information has been received that suggest one of our rank is a double agent.
    We believe the agent in question used an MI6 surveillance van last. Your assignment is to search this van for any clue as to the double agent’s identity. As master cryptographers, we trust you have the skills to succeed. In the interests of national security, you cannot fail in your task.
    I repeat, you cannot fail.

    Mission:Trapped in a Prison Van
    Players:4 – 8
    Duration:30 minutes or 1 hour
    Price:£25 off peak, £30 peak
    Mission overview:
    You’re normally so careful. Or, maybe you’ve just been lucky up until now. You never thought you’d get caught. And yet, here you are, on your way to Pentonville. Well, you can’t have that, can you? Prison orange really doesn’t suit you…
    First step: Stop the van.
    Second step: Escape.
    Third step: Retire to the Bahamas.
    Simple enough, isn’t it? Well, let’s just hope that luck sees you out.
    You and your gang have been arrested and found guilty. A life sentence at HM Prison Pentonville awaits you all. Can you stop the van and escape within 60 minutes or will you be trapped forever behind bars?

    Mission:Trapped in a Room with a Zombie
    Players:4 – 10
    Duration:30 minutes or 1 hour
    Price:£25 off peak, £30 peak
    Mission overview:
    Prepare to be locked in a room with 9 other people and a Zombie that is chained to the wall! Hidden in the room is a key that will unlock the door to your survival. To find the key you must locate numerous clues and solve riddles.
    Each sessions is up to ten people, so, like a real zombie apocalypse, you’ll have to work with strangers to survive. Or hide behind them to save yourself. The choice is yours. Can you work together to save yourselves and humanity, or will you put yourself before the group and civilisation as a whole?
    Every five minutes the hungry Zombie’s chain will be released another foot. Within an hour, the Zombie will be able to reach you. You have 60 minutes to the find clues, solve the puzzles, unlock the door and escape the room without getting eaten!
    Are you smarter than a Zombie? It’s time to find out!

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