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  • Melbourne’s Biggest Escape Rooms. Built for grown ups, but also suitable for kids! The Mystery Rooms offers the biggest, most immersive and fun escape rooms in Melbourne.

    4 Rooms 4 Chapters



    Mission Name: THE LOST TOMB
    Players: 4-6 players
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Price: $37.50 / player
    Story Overview: Buried somewhere deep beneath the soils of Alexandria lays the lost tomb of Cleopatra – Ancient Egypt’s last Pharaoh. Not only was her tomb locked and protected by layers of intricate puzzles – but with her was concealed the final copy of the “Book of the Dead” – Secret knowledge to passage safely from Earth into the next world. You must journey back through the sands of time to navigate her lost tomb and escape with the book before the gateway closes. To succeed, you must brave ancient curses, but if you fail – far worse is to come to us all. Kick off your shoes and take your first steps to acquire Knowledge, there isn’t much time.




    Mission Name: THE MEDIEVAL QUEST
    Players: 4-8 players
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Price: $37.50 / player
    Story Overview: The kingdom of Camelot was once a prosperous and magical place, ruled by the legendary King Arthur – home to the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the wizard and the secret to Camelot’s strength – the sword of Excalibur. In a treacherous turn of events, Arthur was mortally wounded by his evil son Mordred, forcing Merlin to spirit away the enchanted blade and protect it deep within the ruins of Camelot’s walls. You must prepare for a noble quest back to Medieval England to unlock your way through Merlin’s magic and retrieve the symbol of Strength. Our informer suggests the castle is now deserted …. But is it?




    Mission Name: THE LAST STAND
    Players: 4-8 players
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty: 5/5
    Price: $37.50 / player
    Story Overview: In the early hours of 27 June 1880, the most wanted man on Earth was finally cornered into a desperate shoot out with the Victorian Police. Ned Kelly, emerging from the mist and wearing a suit of iron armour, was shot down and captured alive. Beneath the amour he wore a green sash – a symbol of courage bestowed on him as a boy for bravely saving the life of a drowning child. Whether viewed as a hero or villain, opinion is united that few would have had the courage to walk in his footsteps, fighting for his beliefs all the way towards his ultimate and perhaps inevitable demise. You have just 60 minutes to travel back and seize the essence of Courage from the one they call the ‘’Iron Outlaw”.




    Mission Name: A GRIMM FINALE
    Players: 4-8 players
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty: ?
    Price:  $37.50 / player
    Story Overview: The Snow Queen is poised to breach the borders of Fairy Tale Land, laying a frosty siege to Planet Earth and freezing the hearts of every living soul. Should she cross the borders all hope would be lost – but with a final 60 minute window – you have one last ditch opportunity to rescue our fate. Armed with Courage, Strength and Knowledge you must bravely travel to Fairy Tale Land, then navigate yourself into the very heart of her wintery kingdom. We don’t know what awaits you across the borders, but we do know that your adventure represents our last true hope. For one side, A Grimm Finale awaits …



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