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  • The Enigma Room is one of Sydney’s first independent escape room venues, founded by three mates, Matt Lee, Barry Skalrud and Piyush Bedi. All three are fans of escape games and have played at loads of venues all around the world. Having all grown up in Sydney, we were surprised to find that the escape room concept hadn’t already taken off in Australia so we decided to start our own. Rather than just copy what we’ve seen, we wanted to take the genre in a new direction and add our own personal touches to give first timers as well as seasoned players a truly unique experience.

    2 Rooms 2 Themes


    Mission Name:  DR DISASTER
    Theme: Action
    Players:  2-6
    Time: 60 min
    Price:  $39
    Story Overview: Doctor Disaster, the dastardly dictator of the small but rich island nation of Genoda has built a missile facility away from prying eyes on the dark side of the moon, and is now holding the world to ransom! While world governments scramble in response, you and your team have stumbled across a message smuggled out by an insider giving you access to the launch facility, right here in Sydney! But time’s running out – you only have an hour left to find your way to the control panel and save the world! Oh, and after that you may want to think about getting out alive.





    Mission Name:  IN MEMORIAM
    Theme: Mystery
    Players:  2-6
    Time: 60 min
    Price:  $39
    Story Overview: A woman in a coma. No name, no identity. Condition deteriorating, time running out. To save her, you and your team must travel deep into her consciousness and relive her memories. Experience the joys of her past, and you may just save her future. But be quick, otherwise you might find yourself as nothing but another memory.






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