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  • In the average escape room or escape game, people are locked in a themed and decorated room and have to find keys, decode clues, and solve puzzles in order to “escape the room” before their time runs out. Usually, participants have 60 minutes to “solve” the room and escape before they are deemed having “lost” and must come back another time to try again. The puzzles inside each room are different, but usually consist of logic puzzles, riddles, and even physical challenges.

    3 Rooms 3 Themes


    Theme: GOTCHA
    Players:  3-8
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty: 4.5 out of 5
    Price: $120
    Story Overview: The hostile team R has kidnapped lovely elf PIKA, who was adopted by our Captain Jason. You guys are invited to help the Captain rescue PIKA. We board the ship named “Adventure”, and over several days and nights start following the paths of an old expedition in to the deepest part of the jungle to rescue PIKA the elf. But under cover of darkness it’s difficult to see if PIKA is our enemy or friend. Moreover, the guardian of Hostile Team R is well prepared. In order to complete the mission our rescue team needs to be formed up as soon as possible.

    Theme: MU-T
    Players:  3-8
    Time: 60 minutes
    Difficulty:  4 out of 5
    Price: $120
    Story Overview: Mission confirmed: Operation MU-T. Your task is to steal a treasure, known as “T” from the museum. However our agent has revealed there was an intelligence failure, so the museum has armed guards standing watch. What will you do?



    Theme: THE WITCH
    Players:  4-7
    Time: 80 minutes
    Difficulty: 5 out of 5
    Price:  $180
    Story Overview: During the Middle-Ages most of Europe believed that witches were the lovers of demons, and that they would use demonic practices against people. Anyone suspected of witchcraft would suffer a beheading or execution by fire. Witches hate of people steadily grew. One particular evil witch kidnapped a family and dismembered them in order to create an elixir for eternal life. But for some unknown reason the elixir was never created, and for a long time the Witch withdrew to a remote hiding place. But eventually the witch recovered the formula for the perfect immortality elixir, and went in search for the new blood it required. Now the witch is watching, and no one is safe, and even you may be her victim!

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