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  • Insatiable hunger to be the next relic hunter? Master detective? Survivor?! This game is just for you! Break The Code offers an “escape the room” experience. Collaboration and a level head is essential to search for clues and solve puzzles to escape within 60 minutes. Be taken to another place in your choice of 4 themed rooms, each with comprehensive technology and mechanisms to make this experience like no other.

    5 Rooms 5 Missions


    Mission Name:  Da Vinci – The Secrets Beneath

    Theme: Mystery
    Players:  2-8 people
    Time: 60 min

    Difficulty: 4/5 (Medium)
    Price:  45 AUD per person
    Story Overview: Legendary art collector and musician, Henry Brown has passed away and left his entire estate to his niece, Florence Brown. She has heard rumours that there are some secret rooms and halls within the mansion that could contain information about a mysterious society, but no one has ever been able to find any evidence of these secret rooms. She knew that her uncle was also an expert puzzle designer and is likely to have designed a series of cryptic puzzles that could lead to the information. You are the master detectives, hired by Florence to find the secret chambers and retrieve the organisation’s information before time runs out. Do not disappoint.



    Mission Name: Jones’ Adventure – Journey to The Secret Chamber
    Theme: Adventure
    Players:  4-8 people
    Time: 60 min
    Difficulty: 3.5/5 (Medium)
    Price:  45 AUD per person

    Story Overview: Not long ago an expedition of famous explorers set off deep into the Guatemalan Jungle in search of a legendary relic hidden within a lost Mayan temple. The team disappeared without a trace and have never been heard from since. Several years later, some information has come to light suggesting that some local farmers might know that last whereabouts of the doomed exploration team. Now you and your fellow explorers must begin a new expedition to find whatever remains of the previous team and complete their quest to retrieve the treasure. Just make sure you do not suffer the same fate.



    Mission Name: Avatar – The Secret of Pandora

    Theme: Sci-Fi
    Players: 2-8 people
    Time: 60 min
    Difficulty: 3/5 (Easy but not a pushover, suggested if children are present)
    Price:  45 AUD per person
    Story Overview: The year is 2090 and Earth is in crisis! An epidemic caused by the deadly Ebola-X virus is threatening the very survival of humanity. Scientists have tried to develop a cure, but all their efforts have been fruitless. It is known that a research team on the inhospitable Pandora Moon were working on the genetic modification of virus cells using a special material known as unobtanium. Their last recorded data showed the presence of a possible biochemical cure for the Ebola-X virus! You are part of a team of scientists who must travel back to the Pandora Moon and retrieve the information from the abandoned lab before it is too late. The clock is ticking and Earth won’t survive much longer, you are our only hope.


    Mission Name: Lost – Survivors of The Crash
    Theme: Survival
    Players: 4-8 people
    Time: 60 min
    Difficulty: 5/5 (Extremely difficult, designed for experienced players)
    Price:  45 AUD per person
    Story Overview: It was a normal day when you and your fellow passengers boarded Break The Code Airlines flight N522UA. After flying into a powerful lightning storm your plane has crash landed in a dark and mysterious jungle. You need to escape from the plane wreckage and radio for help, but how do you escape and where is all the necessary equipment You and the other surviving passengers must work together to stay alive and escape this nightmare.





    Mission Name: Ghost Bomber – The Unsolved Crime Mystery
    Theme: Thrill, Horror
    Players: 4-8 people
    Time: 90 min
    Difficulty: 4/5
    Price:  45 AUD per person
    Story Overview: Aspired gaming elements of the Amazing race, running man & crime investigation. A serial bomber is on the loose and aims to kill civilians at all spots at major cities in Sydney. Many feared of his activity, causing panic among civilians and a national threat. The identity of the bomber remains unknown and the authorities are on the search for the notorious Ghost Bomber. The Ghost Bomber loves leaving riddled breadcrumbs for detectives to trail. Recent news confirmed that the Ghost Bomber will be planting a bomb in Lvl 1, 741 George St. Your objectives are to locate the bomb, identify the suspect and defuse the bomb before it explodes! You have 90 MINUTES to solve the case.

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