The importance of team building cannot be overestimated: every good manager knows that the most refined business processes won’t make up for a poor working atmosphere. Indeed, we spend half of our waking hours at work, and smooth and friendly interaction between employees is a must if you want to increase employee loyalty and improve workflow.

Every year billions are spent on team building events and activities: no wonder that corporate entertainment is a lucrative sector of economy. According to Eventbrite, corporate hospitality and corporate events account for £1.2 billion of direct spending in the UK alone.

Traditional corporate events aimed at team building such as parties and meetings are not bad, but nothing can encourage bonding and camaraderie as solving puzzles together in a fun and stimulating environment. Escape rooms fit this description perfectly.

Escape Zombie Apocalypse (And Encourage Teamwork In the Process)

Escape rooms are a form of adventure entertainment that has demonstrated meteoric rise over the past 5 years, and deservedly so. They come in all shapes and forms, with unlimited number of scenarios, from the classic locked-room mystery to jailbreak or escaping the aforementioned zombie apocalypse.

What is important is that escape rooms provide the perfect setup for team building exercises and activities.

  • Encourage bonding: To succeed in their mission, players need to both act separately and work together. Every minute of the game is worth gold: the players have very limited time to look for clues, crack codes, or solve puzzles. This means that every person must do their best to achieve the goal, as well as cooperate with others in order to find the way out.
  • Promote teamwork: In an escape room, everyone has something to contribute. Every player brings something to the party, be it a sharp eye for detail, or math skills, or vivid imagination that allows to think out of the box. Everything counts, and it is the team effort that helps the group escape the room.
  • Develop communication skills: Poor communication can plague any company; that is why it is essential to ensure smooth interaction and line of command at the workplace. Building trust between the employees is a key factor to efficient communication, and escape rooms are perfect for breaking the ice and eradicating the silo mentality.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills: Escape rooms are all about problem-solving. Players are required to look for clues and solve puzzles in order to complete their mission within the time limit.

The Benefits of Escape Rooms as Compared to Other Team Building Activities

Experts agree that escape rooms are much more effective than traditional team building activities. In an interview to Chicago Tribune Wendy Bedwell, an assistant professor of organizational psychology at the University of South Florida, mentions other activities aimed at building trust between co-workers, and the comparison is unfavourable for them.

Among others, she mentions the so-called “trust fall”: closing one’s eyes and falling backward into the arms of one’s colleagues, knowing that they are there to catch the falling colleague.

“It really didn’t improve their performance,” said Bedwell. “Anything that really requires people to work together, think critically and solve a problem is going to have more of a benefit than just standing in a forest and falling backwards and having everyone catch you,” she added.

The article in the Tribune also cites the employees who have experienced an escape room in Chicago and seem to have quite enjoyed it.

Escape Rooms: More Than Just a Team Building Activity

As good as they are for team building, escape rooms offer wider opportunities for managers and HR specialists. Seeing employees act in the game setting may provide them with useful insights about their skills and character. You may realise that a humble librarian is capable of assuming responsibility for the team, or that an unremarkable guy from the sales department has incredible communication talent.

Do not overlook the valuable information that can be derived from a corporate event. Do not miss out on the opportunity to help your employees grow within your company! Retaining quality staff nowadays is vital, and investing into your human capital is a sure way to succeed in the competitive market.

Changing the Corporate Atmosphere

Escape rooms are a growing trend in corporate entertainment. Not only do they provide a perfect setup for team building, but also give the management plenty of information about their employees to help make strategic decisions and instill employee loyalty. Live escape rooms in Chicago, London, Hong Kong and all over the globe are more than willing to welcome you and your workers and do their best to offer you the experience of a lifetime.

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