In today’s world, we can often be bogged down by all of our daily tasks and responsibilities that we can forget about pursuing happiness. Happiness is highly important as it helps us feel healthier, be more compassionate, creative, and energetic.

You might ask: I’m really quite busy. Is it possible to just buy happiness?


The answer: Yes, you can (kind of)!


Dr. Amie M. Gordon’s article in Psychology Today states that the key to happiness lies in the experiences we have rather than the things we own. This is because experiences are personal and incomparable. We enjoy sitting around a delicious meal or a cold drink while sharing stories about things we have experienced with friends and family. Spending money on experiences, rather than merchandise, can help us put a positive spin on those experiences, even if they were less than perfect. We also are able to meet new people and make new friends by having new experiences.


What better tale to tell than your latest escape room experience?

Please Touch!

Escape room games are fun, hands-on, and fully immersive. There are a lot of benefits to being fully immersed in an Escape Room game. By immersing yourself into the wonderful and intriguing themed rooms, you have the chance to “escape” your normal, stressful life and experience something different.  The game master will let your group know if anything in the area is off limits, and almost none of the escape room locations put clues in the ceiling or under the floor boards. Escape room experiences last about an hour. This hour can be a welcome distraction and “unplugged” experience as you must leave your laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other “smart” devices behind. Don’t worry, most locations provide a free locker to keep your valuables.


Remember all those times you went somewhere and saw something really cool, only to be disappointed when you were told to “look but don’t touch.” Escape rooms are the exact opposite! You are able to fully experience the room by using all your senses to look for clues, touch objects, listen for audio-clues, and try to use anything that is not bolted down. You are encouraged to pick things up, move them, flip them over, and even try using objects like telephones to try to find more clues. This creates more of an adventure as you try to figure out which objects are useful and which are not.


Escape rooms give you the opportunity to use your own creativity, logical thinking, and cognitive ability to search for clues, figure out codes, and solve puzzles to make your way through the room (or rooms) and successfully escape. You also get to use the mental prowess of your team. Some escape rooms allow you to bring your partner, or team, while other rooms pair you with people you don’t yet know to increase the challenge of working as a team. This can add to the fun and give you the opportunity to make new friends!


The Tale of Your Epic Escape

Even after the escape room experience has ended, the fun and excitement continue in the form of telling family and friends about the experience. This has an added benefit of increasing overall happiness. Additionally, since you were unable to bring your cell phone into the game, you must search the depth of your knowledge of words to find the ones that can best describe all the different tasks you solved.


According to, the happiness brought by the purchase of merchandise often fades quickly. However, the happiness brought by memorable experiences lasts much longer. All this information points towards the same conclusion, escape room experiences can bring you a lot of happiness! Look into booking a time today with your friends and family to experience the fun for yourself!

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