Ever fancied yourself a real life secret agent on a mission? Here’s your chance to show off your skills in the ultimate in escape room adventures. You might be tasked with a top secret mission, or locked in a real escape room with as little as one hour to break free. No matter the scenario, you’ll need all the skills at your disposal to emerge victorious.

Part game, part real-time immersive theatre, with just your wits to help you, every item in the room might be a clue, or a piece of the puzzle to help you find your way out. You’ll have to pool the strengths and resources of your team as you race against the clock to find the answers before it’s too late.

You’ll find yourselves code-breaking, struggling to work out cryptic clues, or pulling together to achieve physical challenges as you immerse yourself in the escape room adventures in front of you. You’ll uncover hidden objects, face extraordinary obstacles, and certainly learn more about your team-mates than you ever imagined, in an hour which slips away faster than you ever thought possible.

Will you finish the game triumphant with a breakout escape room story? Or like so many others, will the escape room experience get the better of you this time? The only guarantee is an hour filled with problem solving mayhem, and fun which you’ll be talking about long after you return to real life once again.

With so many options at your fingertips, it can be difficult to choose the right option for your specific group, or for the exhilarating night out you have planned in your mind’s eye. That’s where we come in. This website can help you choose the perfect escape room adventure which ticks all the boxes, saving you hours of frustrating research time in the process.

What is a Real Escape Room?

Escape rooms are a fairly recent phenomenon, which has taken the world by storm. There are now thousands of live exit games all over the world, from the US to Australia, as well as Canada, the UK, and all over Europe. They are all built around a similar concept, players have a set amount of time, usually one hour, to find a way out from a trapped escape room, with nothing but the help of their team-mates.

The whole idea is that you have a mystery to solve, and must find the clues to help you do it. Your only link to the outside is a clock which counts down the time you have remaining. Exciting, fast-paced, and at times frustrating and frenzied, it’s clear to see why this kind of locked room game is so popular.

As escape room adventures have become more widely adopted in all kinds of cities both large and small, they have begun to compete against one another for business. As their popularity grows, extra elements have been introduced to help each one stand out from the crowd. Some will give you specific missions which you need to complete before you can successfully leave the room. Others might have questions which you can find the answers to for extra credit. Some of the latest escape rooms incorporate virtual or augmented reality features, to encourage players to lose themselves in the game to an even deeper level. Escape room experiences are ever-changing, evolving to include ever more fiendish puzzles or cutting-edge technologies.

As a result, while getting out of the room or solving the mission is definitely the ultimate goal, the fun to be had inside is the real adventure. Escape rooms are filled with mini puzzles and games so that you and your team constantly feel like you’re moving forward and achieving success.

Who Can Enjoy a Breakout Escape Room?

One of the reasons why escape rooms have become such a phenomenon is the types of people they attract. Whether you’re planning a hen night or a stag do, a corporate outing or a team building event, an escape room experience can fit the bill. It suits any birthday party, from an innovative 60th, to a raucous 18th. It’s great for a couple looking for an alternative to dinner and a movie, or a family who vary widely in age from oldest to youngest. With problem solving, lateral thinking, teamwork, attention to detail and communication all valuable skills, there’s a need for all types of people and personalities if you have a hope of getting out before the timer runs to zero.

The other awesome thing about a locked room game, is that it doesn’t matter how many you’ve done in the past- there is always something new to discover. Themes between escape room adventures differ wildly, from being trapped in a medieval castle, to finding your way back home from a futuristic planet. You might be scrambling for clues in a tavern from the wild wild west, or perhaps locked in a haunted house asking the spirits for clues to break free. Some escape room games use authentic props, or have opulent designs, while others might be custom-built or out of the ordinary. Until you’re through the door, you won’t see photos, videos, or be given any clue what you’re about to walk into.

Remember, whichever theme you choose, you’re on your own in these locked room games, with just your teammates to help you. Mobile phones and tablets are left outside the room, to help players immerse themselves fully into this new world.

As the door swings closed behind you, you’re truly lost to the adventures which await on the other side. Will your combined knowledge and cunning be enough to complete the mission and get you back to the outside world before the timer runs out, or will you be forced to admit defeat?

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