Escape rooms are a booming industry in dozens of countries across the globe. Escape Room Franchise estimates the number of escape rooms in the world at over 5000 and growing. This is a remarkable figure, provided that this real-life entertainment has been around for a little more than five years. Born in Japan, the concept has travelled across Asia into Europe and the US, gaining thousands of fans along the way.

Escape rooms have become the preferred form of entertainment to the all-important millennial demographic: according to a recent survey, over 50% of the players are aged between 18-34. That said, the rapid growth of escape rooms is fuelled by both its popularity and with it – its appeal to the marketing companies.

Nowadays this form of entertainment is enjoyed by families, friends, and also companies that see escape rooms as a great means for teambuilding. Never been to an escape room? Chances are, it is just a matter of time before you get first-hand experience!

But What Is an  Escape Room, Exactly?

The concept of escape rooms is pretty simple: a group of people (usually between 6 and 12) are locked within a confined space and have about 60 minutes to escape. Clues and puzzles hidden in the room will help them get out, and it takes quite some effort and team work to figure out the escape route. The number of puzzles varies widely, but typically it ranges between 10-30.

Clues come in all shapes and forms: players may be required to search the drawers, look for invisible ink using UV lights, or solve puzzles. With limited time, people have to work together to decipher the enigmatic messages, making it a great experience for teambuilding.

As a cross between game and theatre, escape rooms offer great real-life experience for people of all ages and walks of life.

Types of Escape Rooms

Currently there is a wide variety of escape rooms that cater to all audiences, ranging from kids and family friendly to erotic and everything in between. The themes include (but are not limited to) such classics as Evil Mad Scientist Lab, Pirate Ship, Treasure Island, Victorian Gothic horror, the Harry Potter universe, and more. With hundreds of escape rooms in London and across the UK you’ll have no trouble choosing the one best suited for you.

What’s more, many rooms allow for fine-tuning of the game setup to accommodate people with limited mobility or different age groups. It is especially important, since escape rooms are extremely popular as a birthday party activity or a corporate event.

Reasons For Popularity And the Future of Escape Rooms

In an interview to Financial Times Ken Ferguson, who runs the blog on escape rooms in London, insists that “People have moved from wanting material goods to wanting memories.” He adds: “People also like things that make them feel smart. In actual fact, the vast majority of these games aren’t really that cerebral and can be done by almost anyone, but it’s still a great adrenaline rush to say, ‘I’ve found a key’ or ‘I’ve solved a puzzle and I think the answer might be the code to that padlock’.”

It is not a coincidence that this form of entertainment currently enjoys huge popularity in the UK: many people claim the nation’s infatuation with crossword puzzles and detective stories is the reason for the meteoric rise in the number of escape rooms.

As of December 2016, there were 598 escape rooms in London alone, according to Telegraph – quite an increase from just one at the beginning of 2013!

Although some sceptics predict that escape rooms are merely the most recent fad that will ebb in no time; right now thousands of people across the globe are excitedly looking for a way out of an escape room. Why not join them? Find an escape room adventure near you today!

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